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Milena with President Stoyanov of Bulgaria, exchanging ideas on the development of strategies on innovative leadership and managment training programmes. Jan 2003

The following is a broad description of the classes and managment training programmes Milena offers as training packages toward various business and organisations. All the managment training programmes are organised by Milena's MUSTT Foundation.

For music industry professionals: we offer managment training programmes such as "How to have more innovative strategies" and "how to come out of the music crisis" ( the new paradigm shifts in music)

For music institutes: Decision makers in these institutes Motto: New demands of society ask for new ways of interaction between arts and other related fields. Training the leaders to think out of the box. b. T

The professors in a programme called 'Train the trainers'. Sectors of this project are: Teaching professors of conservatories and universities the newest pedagogical methods and methods of knowledge transfer. Stimulating cross- fertilization between more sectors within conservatories (e.g. Projects between classical, pop, jazz, world music) and especially outside conservatories

Encouraging projects between the business world and the arts world Providing tools and know-how to facilitate the creation of more international based projects . Providing a vast international network .

Providing career advice not only on national level but especially international level . Providing an extensive international platform to help you initiate, encourage and organize international initiatives with fellow institutions .

Stimulating cross-fertilization of know-how between music and different sectors of society (e.g. arts and business, arts and therapy, arts and medicine, etc.)

Finally, we also provide training programmes for the musician sector at large such as: Innovative tools for musicians and music students, how to become more entrepreneurial, how to use music and arts more interactive in society How to market yourself especially internationally, how to learn the business tricks.

Policy-making branch: 'A MUSTT' foundation stays in dialogue with decision makers in the music and arts industry as well as with politicians, the EC, UNESCO etc. in order to encourage more opportunities/ better conditions for artists in society and the repositioning of art as a necessary added value and cornerstone in life.

Nnetworking branch: 'A MUSTT' brings people from all corners of the world together via an extensive database and is a mediator for global and international networking projects.

Educational branch: our current international project is ELEMA (European Life Long E-learning for the Music and Arts sector). The goal is to make the latest pedagogical methods and the findings of our research accessible to as many educational institutes and interested parties as possible. Currently we've collected 21 universities and conservatories from 10 different countries that wish to collaborate but we need more funding.

Scientific branch: 'A MUSTT' researches music and arts in relation to other fields in society such as arts and medicine, arts and business, arts and psychology, arts and healing etc.

Inventor's bank: This branch stimulates innovative and arts related products with an added functional and social value.

Mediating branch: 'Mediating between international decision-makers and the music and arts world and being an independent reporter/lobbyist' We regularly are in dialogue with EC, EP, ministries of culture, European umbrella organizations, the top conferences, mayor key players in the music industry and we regularly interview people for our products which we provide for different projects.

We also collaborate with some top shots from the business and management world and have made tailor-made training programmes for the music sector using the success formulas of the business sector.


Milena in discussion with Bill Clinton about music as a communication tool and the role of female leaders in the world. Dec 2002

The core aims of Milena's Workshops for businesses and individuals are to enhance people's awareness about transforming, communicative, educational and healing powers of arts and music.

To create new products and services to help people benefit from the huge potential of arts in more areas of life and to encourage the integration of arts into more fields of society such as science, politics, diplomacy, business and so on.

To develop innovative, creative and self- development tools based on arts to be used by the corporate and management sector.

To encourage artists to participate and integrate more actively with arts in society.

To bring arts to unusual and non-traditional places with internationally renowned and famous artists to perform in places in the world where music and arts can be used as tools for peace and conflict resolution.