“World-famous violinist, Milena Djekova received a special award for the best artist of the

Democracy, newspaper, Sofia, June 2000 by M. Bojkova

“The Dutch Vanessa Mae called Milena Alexander has won the golden medal of the world championship of performing arts in Hollywood with some extraordinary film and cross-over compositions on electric violin.”
L.A. Radio, Hollywood

“Milena’s intelligence, sensitivity and interpreting abilities allow me to foretell her a brilliant future as a

Jean-Jacques Kantorow, violinist-conductor

"Bulgaria has its own Vanessa Mae although the comparison is not fair to Milena who has not only an
enormous spectrum of different degrees and skills but who also is a multi-talented artist of a much higher
musical caliber and scope."

Stoiko Boichev, 7 days TV

“Milena is not only unique because of her excellent accomplishments in many different fields but especially
because the way in which she creates and performs music is a magical experience that captures and touches

Wolf van den Hoek, Radio Amsterdam, The Netherlands

“Milena’s journey entails the path from child prodigy to multi-talented artist to stardom.”
Jan van der Heijde in Leiden Newspaper, The Netherlands

"Multi-talent Milena has something to be proud of; speaking 7 languages, playing superbly the violin, having
studied 7 subjects among others diplomacy, languages, acting, neuroscience, psychology."

Blaga Georgiva, 24 hours Newspaper

"Milena is definitely one of the pioneers for the 21st century, both with music as well as with her books."
Milena Weleva, Education programme, Bulgarian National TV

“Bulgarian born Milena Djekova is one of those stars that leaves a mark behind forever."
Margita Andereevska, Journal "The Woman"