Milena Dzekova: world visionary

Miss Dzekova is not currently working due to health problems.
You can click on the different tabs to see what miss Dzekova has been doing in the past and for questions you can send an email to milena.worldmissions [at]

Milena Alexander is a world visionary, an inventor, an extra-ordinary artist, writer, speaker, researcher, musician and an innovator who can connect with an infinite field of possibilities.

As such Milena Alexander can guide individuals and organisations to learn and do the same. As multi-talented person and ex child genius she has a wide span of diversity and know-how aswell as an impressive career in different domains.

Milena Alexander's amazing quick intellectual and artistic development has enabled her to study many domains whilst working and traveling intensively. Explore this website to learn all about Milena's talents and achienvements.

Find out how Milena can help you, your company or organisation.